Dear ISEAns,

Dear ISEAns........At ISEA Singapore I presented an artist talk entitled " I am so off myFace: I used to be the oldest geek grrl in the world but I lost my geek and now I am just the oldest grrl in the world". In 2011 I will attempt to get my geek back. Resplendent in sash proclaiming my status as " Beauty in residence", I will attend events, rub shoulders and participate in the greatest gathering of geeks in the world. I will blog the results.

So if you see me across a crowded room, please HELP ME!!

love Di Ball


Monday, September 19, 2011

tales from the city

I was looking forward to this workshop to obtain a strategy for mapping my presence in Istanbul, and for a possible outcome for my show at the Gold coast.

It was a great workshop, but for me, personally, the workshop from hell. It begun standing, consisted of walking up the hill I had studiously and pruposely avoided for a week and a half, visiting places I had seen many times and taking photos I already had> The difference was that we were given categories that would enable the presenters to bett devise a future strategy.

It was a great idea but not what i was searching for. Did get some more good pics though and meet a lovely man who sold me an "intelligence assembling model ornithopter", and sang me a song.