Dear ISEAns,

Dear ISEAns........At ISEA Singapore I presented an artist talk entitled " I am so off myFace: I used to be the oldest geek grrl in the world but I lost my geek and now I am just the oldest grrl in the world". In 2011 I will attempt to get my geek back. Resplendent in sash proclaiming my status as " Beauty in residence", I will attend events, rub shoulders and participate in the greatest gathering of geeks in the world. I will blog the results.

So if you see me across a crowded room, please HELP ME!!

love Di Ball


Thursday, September 22, 2011

the inevitable cold and cough cccccatch up with me

resort to watching dubbed tv from bed. Just a question to the world at large?? Why do you think that travellers only want to see news news news about wars and stock prices when they travel?? BBC World News, Bloombloodyberg and CNN. It's enoughto make a girl leave the hotel room.