Dear ISEAns,

Dear ISEAns........At ISEA Singapore I presented an artist talk entitled " I am so off myFace: I used to be the oldest geek grrl in the world but I lost my geek and now I am just the oldest grrl in the world". In 2011 I will attempt to get my geek back. Resplendent in sash proclaiming my status as " Beauty in residence", I will attend events, rub shoulders and participate in the greatest gathering of geeks in the world. I will blog the results.

So if you see me across a crowded room, please HELP ME!!

love Di Ball


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i found salt at last

Salt is quite an amzing place on the main cadessi which, according to its blurb " explores critical and timely issues in visual and material culture, and cultivates innovative programs for research and experimental thinking"

After seeing many artworks at ISEA, it was interesting to see what a squillion lira can acheive data viualisation wise.

It "mapped" Istanbul by networking videos and facts and images uploaded by the public and arranged in a logical fashion. Veery user friendly and visually exciting.