Dear ISEAns,

Dear ISEAns........At ISEA Singapore I presented an artist talk entitled " I am so off myFace: I used to be the oldest geek grrl in the world but I lost my geek and now I am just the oldest grrl in the world". In 2011 I will attempt to get my geek back. Resplendent in sash proclaiming my status as " Beauty in residence", I will attend events, rub shoulders and participate in the greatest gathering of geeks in the world. I will blog the results.

So if you see me across a crowded room, please HELP ME!!

love Di Ball


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some reflections on the project

Reflecting on my time as beauty has been enjoyable, as was the time. I am in Venic e now and distance has surely made the heart grow fonder. I miss the energy of ISEA and the Biennale and so any Australians and of course, the city of Istanbul itself.

and lastly but not leastly:
Dear fellow travellers to the hamman of crossed destinies.
 A more wonderful and may i say exotic group of travellers could not have been scripted better if Calvino himself had chosen to write such a t ale. I refuse to believe we are now scattered to the four winds and will never meet again, but thanks  to the goddess of cyberspace we will always be connected.
Thank you all for inspiring me, and particularly thank you Silvana for your guidance through our journey. Also for your wonderful words to us all at the end. It is easy to see why you are the beloved professor, and I want to be the first student to sign up for your universite d'imman.
So ciao for now, and to offer one more song...."We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when, but I know we'll meet again some sunny day"


the inevitable cold and cough cccccatch up with me

resort to watching dubbed tv from bed. Just a question to the world at large?? Why do you think that travellers only want to see news news news about wars and stock prices when they travel?? BBC World News, Bloombloodyberg and CNN. It's enoughto make a girl leave the hotel room.

i heart Kutlug Ataman

Kutlug Ataman is a turkish artist and filmmaker.
The moment i saw the wonderful video about the town who tore down their minaret to make a spaceship to fly to the moon, I knew I had seen it and loved it before. It was at Sydney Biennale.This show introduced me to more works, and I am now a FAN!!!!

 It is called  Journey to the Moon (2009), and was shown in the Official Selection at the 2009 International Istanbul Film Festival. It forms part of the Mesopotamian Dramaturgies series of visual works, and is set in a remote village in Erzincan province, Eastern Turkey. The quest of four villagers to travel to the moon is documented with the use of found black-and-white photos and the aid of a local narrator. A wide range of established Turkish intellectuals offer their views of the events that took place in 1957. The resulting film curiously becomes an in-depth study of contemporary Turkish culture, rather than an historical documentary.
the entire works of shakespeare

a last artventure

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i found salt at last

Salt is quite an amzing place on the main cadessi which, according to its blurb " explores critical and timely issues in visual and material culture, and cultivates innovative programs for research and experimental thinking"

After seeing many artworks at ISEA, it was interesting to see what a squillion lira can acheive data viualisation wise.

It "mapped" Istanbul by networking videos and facts and images uploaded by the public and arranged in a logical fashion. Veery user friendly and visually exciting.

too tired to beauty is fading

i ceate my own emotional snaphot

This is my very first little sound grab looping vid snapshot from the workshop

dinner with friends

the beauty srikes again

thnx Tamiko Theil (AR genius)

Kasa gallery

After a wonderful time spent discussing sound, I went downstairs to the Kasi Gallery to see the show uncontainable-hyperstrata.  Again it was an amazing space with small rooms and thick walls. I am really liking the viewing of such new technologies in these sorts of spaces. there is a "vibe", an echo, a trace, an acoustic that you don't get in the white cube.

i learn so much

I have used sound in many ways, but it was Emilian's descriptions of ideas that set a spark in my mind. He spoke of how a small fragment of sound can represent a whole history, such as a few bars of 30s jazz; it does not need te structure of a narrative totell a story. We heard examples of sampling where, as he described, the sound is seperated fromt he actual thing/body; the disembodied vioce can be very powerful.

In investigaing loops we spoke of cliches such as a heartbeat and a ticking clock (although these can be powerful), and he explained how a self contained loopplayed out of context can cancel the flowing of time; repitition allowing you to look in detail, to frame, how it acheives a static quality like a photograph.. It is amazing how a tiny variation in a loop can provide interest.


sound and perfume....delicious

Emotional Snaphots is a workshop run by Bulgarian artist Emilian Gatsov.

Marly shook her head. How could anyone have arranged these bits, this garbage, in such a way that it caught at the heart, snagged in the soul like a fishhook?
William Gibson, Count Zero

This is an exploratory workshop on the topic of 'sound photographs', snippets, fragments, bits and loops of sound. It will trace the connection between recorded sound and time, memory and emotions. The first syllable of a song, an unfinished phrase from a dialog or the breath someone takes before staring to speak, wind and birds entering and then suddenly leaving just out of nowhere – sounds belonging to a world which always seems placed elsewhere.]....the description


sound is like is described in notes.
 If you take away the image, the sound can hang in the air.
Brian Eno likened rock music to perfume
clouds of sound/clouds of perfume
the complexity of frequency/the layering of smells

Emilian showed us examples of perfumes that contained contradictions, such as the frankincense and bubblegum one above. It is this very melding of contradicion that can create a way of structuring sound.

etat libre d'orange smells like ..........

more light and matter

Quartet for Dot Matrix Printer, [The User]
Quartet for Dot Matrix Printer, [The User

light and matter

Matter Light Exhibition takes place in six story Borusan Muzik Evi building in Beyoglu, Istanbul. Each level of the building introduces a different lighting installation by international artists

Curated by Richard Castelli and including works of seven contemporary artists, Matter-Light 2 opens in Borusan Music House on May 28 2011 and will last throughout the summer until 25 September 2011.
Matter-Light 2 expands on themes proposed in the first exhibition and adds a new theme titled “Matter and Light”. All the works are presented for the first time in Turkey or have been created specifically for the Borusan Music House. The themes and corresponding works in the exhibition are:
IMMERSION Kurt Henschläger HIVE • [The User] Quartet for dot matrix printer
PHYSICAL VIRTUALITY Christian Partos VISP • ART+COM Invisible Shades of Things Past
Julien Maire Exploding Camera, Memory Plane & Low Resolution Cinema, Flip-dots Mirror, Les Instantanés
MATTER AND LIGHT Jean Michel Bruyère Assistante Sociale • Li Hui Amber

anothee weekend another protest

ian haig

crickets from Sunnybank

Gavin Sade and Priscilla Bracks

geek porn

GK1:  "You know, your algoritm has just the right amount of noise" (with a catch in voice)

GK2:  (blushing)  "Thank you........thank you."

The algorithm envy conversation continued, but I am unable to post here as it may incriminate the gks involved.

a robot draws my portrait

art with a hangover

The ISEA2011 Istanbul exhibition is titled UNCONTAINABLE. Its focus is on the development of contemporary arts at the intersection of art, science and technology, which by innovating and breaking boundaries are redefining not solely contemporary aesthetic but also our social and political environment.
The curatorial concept for UNCONTAINABLE explains the conceptual underpinning of the exhibition and its structure, which hosts multiple exhibitions strands and events.

With a massive hangover, i hopped on to the old tram up to Taksin Square, had an OJ and roll, and headed into the most amazing old building to see one of the ISEA shows.  Cumhuriyet was a magical venue and I enjoyed manyof the artworks. There was a strong Australian presence.

partee peeps

synchronicity between the beauty and the city

i did not ask them, but the Biennale made sure to match the security band to my nailpolish. Bless.

the beauty goes to the biennale party

Monday, September 19, 2011

pics and more pics

tales from the city

I was looking forward to this workshop to obtain a strategy for mapping my presence in Istanbul, and for a possible outcome for my show at the Gold coast.

It was a great workshop, but for me, personally, the workshop from hell. It begun standing, consisted of walking up the hill I had studiously and pruposely avoided for a week and a half, visiting places I had seen many times and taking photos I already had> The difference was that we were given categories that would enable the presenters to bett devise a future strategy.

It was a great idea but not what i was searching for. Did get some more good pics though and meet a lovely man who sold me an "intelligence assembling model ornithopter", and sang me a song.

Friday, September 16, 2011

sometimes you have to travel across the globe to find home

Thanks to Janique Laudouar, Chef de projet Web ARTANK (ingénierie culturelle, numérique, territoires), i discovered   AUSTRALIA


the cavalry arrives at Karakoy